• CIAO-ISCHEMIA stands for Changes in Ischemia and Angina over One year among ISCHEMIA trial screen failures with no obstructive coronary artery disease on coronary CT angiography.

  • Detailed Description: Some people with chest pain are found to have open arteries on angiograms instead of blocked arteries and many, but not all, of these people have abnormal stress tests or other tests showing there is not enough blood flow to the heart. This trial used two measurements of chest pain and two stress tests, one year apart, to find out if chest pain and abnormal stress tests are both caused by the same problem: not enough blood flow to the heart. The association between angina, ischemia and atherosclerosis severity at baseline will be examined, as will medication effects.
  • Measures: Serial assessment of angina status (based on quality of life assessments at 2-3 points) and ischemia on stress echo over one year (stress imaging at two points) among patients with moderate ischemia on stress imaging and non-obstructive CAD on coronary CT angiography.
  • Inclusion Criteria:
    • Enrolled but not randomized in ISCHEMIA trial
    • Stress echocardiography used for enrollment*
    • No obstructive CAD on trial coronary CT angiography (defined as no ≥50% stenosis in a major epicardial vessel)
    • Ischemic symptoms (chest pain or other potential ischemic equivalent)
    • Participant is willing to give written informed consent
    • Age ≥ 21 years
  • Exclusion Criteria:
    • Inability to comply with protocol
    • Prior PCI or CABG

Total Number of Participants Enrolled in CIAO-ISCHEMIA: There are 212 participants enrolled from 39 participating sites worldwide in the CIAO-ISCHEMIA ancillary trial.