PCI and Stable Angina: a reflection on the ORBITA trial

The ORBITA trial published in Lancet showed that PCI did not increase exercise time or reduce angina by more than the effect of a sham procedure at 6 weeks on top of intensive medical therapy among 200 stable patients with single-vessel CAD. Although the media hype and editorial were misleading based on the very selected cohort that was randomized, it was a landmark study because it used a sham PCI procedure for the first time. ISCHEMIA is nearing 5,000 randomizations, and we need your help to reach and hopefully exceed this goal by the end of 2017. As you know, the ISCHEMIA primary endpoint is clinical events. Quality of life over time is a secondary endpoint. ORBITA supports equipoise for the management of SIHD and reinforces the importance of ISCHEMIA.

Friday, December 22, 2017 - 08:00